How to Care for Children’s Clothes in 5 Different Ways

How to Care for Children’s Clothes in 5 Different Ways
Keeping up with the demands of growing children can be costly. While we can’t control how quickly clothes are outgrown, there are a few things we can do to help them last longer and save money and waste.

Step 1. Separate, rinse, and repeat the first step.
Separate whites and colours in the washing machine the same way you would in a regular load. Rinse under the faucet or with a brush to remove any particles before washing. Use delicate or hand washing detergent if your child’s skin is sensitive.
If possible, rinse clothing immediately, or soak in cold water until you can deal with it. Never soak in hot water as the heat might set the stain, making it a permanent fixture.

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Step 2: Consider your options.
When shopping, look for apparel that is easy to wash and dry. Breathable cotton is ideal for children since it helps to avoid sweating and is gentle on their skin. Avoid delicate fabrics with particular care recommendations and clothing with sewn-on features like sequins, which are difficult to wash and may come off.

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Step 3: Act fast and keep your cool.
When your child spills something, scoop or wipe away as much as you can before treating the fabric. This will expedite the cleaning procedure. Baby wipes are great for dealing with accidents on the go, and they’re also great for cleaning up puke from carpets.

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Step 4: Take it easy.
Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners on your child’s skin. Ammonia solution, baking soda, borax, and white distilled vinegar are all natural bleach substitutes. If you must use bleach on your child’s whites, make sure they are fully washed and rinsed before using. Allowing the sun to bleach the stain is an excellent trick for getting rid of stains.

Step 5: Stay away from the tumbler
Avoid using the dryer if you’re not sure if a stain was successfully cleaned, according to Love Your Clothes. The heat will solidify the stain, making it difficult to remove. Instead, hang it to dry. Hang outside if you can and let the sun do its bleach-free stain-removing magic.

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