Welcome to Mnac World's Selling section!

Welcome to Mnac World’s Selling Section!

Welcome to Mnac World’s Selling section!

We at Mnac World are certain that online shopping has reached the next stage for consumer purchasing. We want to provide the clients with the most selection possible, thus vendors are crucial to achieving this goal. We constantly search for ways to improve the value we provide to our consumers as a top-notch online retailer. As a seller with Mnac World, you help to provide those customers with a superior selection, greater value, and an outstanding shopping experience.

Prior to starting a sale

  1. Verify that you abide by our rules:

You can sell your goods on mnacworld.com.ng You have all the data required to set up your account:

telephone number and postal address
Details about your business (address, legal name, etc.)
Account information

  1. How much does selling on Mnac World cost?

All vendors can register for free on Mnac World. Depending on the delivery option you choose and the type of your products, you will be charged a fee for each sale you make through our platform.

  1. Learn about the Seller Dashboard: After registering, you can use the Seller your dashboard to manage every aspect of your online store. You have access to all the information through this site.

Some of the things you can accomplish through Dashboard are listed below.

Keep an eye on your stock and regularly update your listings.
Observe orders placed over the Mnac world marketplace.
Take part in the marketing campaigns
Tools for customer metrics can be used to track your seller performance.

  1. Product listing methods.

Listing your products on your account is the first step in making them accessible to customers. Depending on the kind and number of goods you wish to provide customers, there are several strategies to employ.

Your product creation must adhere to certain rules in order for it to be approved by our teams and put online.

Here are some suggestions for understanding what appeals to consumers most in order to ensure that your products reach the top and assist you in launching successfully on Mnac World.

Your products will go live on mnacworld.com.ng once they have been approved by our employees. You can place an order there at any moment.

  1. Order processing procedures

You have 24 hours to ship an item after a buyer orders one of your goods. The steps to do it correctly are as follows:

See if you have any new orders each day by checking your Seller account (a mail alert is also sent to you).
Follow our instructions on how to properly pack your order as you prepare your shipment for shipping.

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