M5 Band Smart Bracelet Watch Surulere





M5 Band Smart Bracelet Watch Surulere

M5 smart watch surulere

M5 Band Smart Bracelet Watch Surulere

Fitness bracelet helps to more accurately recognize and control physical activity
Also, a fitness bracelet can monitor your calorie burn, sleep and heart rate,show notifications (SMS, Facebook, WeChat and some others) from your smartphone
Of course, the measured data obtained are not as accurate, they are more for reference,as a guideline. After all, this budget segment fitness bracelet is not a medical device!

The bracelet holds a charge for 3-5 days in working mode, when synchronized with the application,it is discharged many times faster
The watch capsule itself in the bracelet is held tightly, it can be removed simply by squeezing
The display is bright, colorful,with animation. One touch button guidance
It is even marked on the screen and can be felt to the touch (which is convenient for the visually impaired)

More about the Functions and Features of the bracelet:

▶ ️ shows time, date
▶ ️Counts steps, km, calories, pressure, heart rate, oxygen level in the body
▶ ️ records the workout:time, calories burned
▶ ️ sleep monitoring,vibration alarm
▶ ️ shows the weather for a day
▶ ️ Music function: start/pause, switch tracks
▶ ️3 themes on the watch itself (all bright, colorful)
▶ ️ there is a search for the bracelet from the phone and the phone through the bracelet:it is very convenient when in a hurry and looking for a phone
▶ ️the screen may light up when you raise your wrist
▶ ️You can set up notifications
▶ ️ camera shutter function – when you turn your hand, the camera is triggered (just do not forget to turn everything on first)


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