How Should I Clean a Wig

How Should I Clean a Wig?

Do I really need to wash my synthetic wig, you might be asking. Well…yes! Who wouldn’t want that? Washing your wig will keep it looking perfect for as long as possible. Although washing a wig differs slightly from washing your hair, don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the procedure step-by-step.

Step 1 is to untangle.

Make careful to brush your synthetic wig before you begin washing it, just like you would with your own hair! We advise detangling with either a paddle brush or a comb with wide teeth. To prevent breakage, be sure to lay your piece flat on a table and brush from the ends up to the roots.

✨Step 2: Next, shampoo.

Your wig most certainly won’t enjoy a very hot shower, even though you might! Wash your wig from root to tip with warm water. Wash your hair in circular strokes using a synthetic hair shampoo.

Third Step: Conditioner

Make use of your favourite leave-in conditioner, detangler, or serum to help keep your wig feeling soft and silky. Just concentrate on the wig’s ends instead of the roots!

Step Four: Dry

You recall how we stated that washing a wig was not the same as cleaning your hair? The same holds true for drying. Make sure to let your wig air dry! Put it on a wig head or stand and let nature take its course.

The key to maintaining your wig is to wash it regularly.

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